samedi, mai 13, 2006

The Vietnamese Encroachments



Khemara Jati
Montréal, Québec
Le 10 mai 2006

Before the signature of the « Additional Treaty » on our borders, the Cambodian committee in charge to negotiate on this problem with Hanoi forms by the persons hundred percent under the Hanoi obediences. No any political personality dares to go and see what took place on our borders, in spite of many complaints of our fellow countrymen living in these areas. The police of the marionette regime dares to make nothing to defend the interests of our fellow countrymen. Then this treaty was adopted in the half-day by hand raising votes. After its adoption in unacceptable conditions, the fantoche regime asks Hanoi to take care of new borders limitation of our borders! Which country asks to her neighbours the take care of implanting the borders of her borders? Does such a regime which make such a decision can be a representative of the people will ? The signature of this Treaty is not a new proof showing that, behind a more and more transparent folding screen, the current regime is totally subjected to the Hanoi’s decisions ?

To believe in the vietnamese promises, is not a dangerous way of forgetting Son Qu’s experience?

In these conditions, does this Treaty is in accordance with the interests of the Cambodian people? Is it justifiable ? The Cambodian’s unanimous answer is no, thousand times no.

Then what to do ? Rainsy and his party decide to organize a « Bonn Phkar » to collect some money to help people who live in « Phum Daung » village located on our east borders. Rainsy collected 5 000 US and decides to go, on May 7th, 2006, to hand them himself to the « Phum Daung »’s inhabitants. Then Rainsy notices that the villagers lost lands offered to Vietnam by the marionette power by the villainous Treaty.

To confirm that this treaty is against the interests of Cambodia, the CPP representative of the marionette regime, Cheam Yeap says that « Rainsy wants to increase his popularity », so it is confirmed that Rainsy gains the people’s support.

Now how to help Phum Daung’s villagers and other inhabitants on our borders to resist durably against the Vietnamese authoritie’s encroachments?

We think that it is necessary to take the following urgent measures:

1/. Open schools with professors motivated and paid suitably to school all the children of these regions.

2/ Economically, develop these regions by suitable measures to make people of that area to be able of opposing to our neighbour’s encroachments.

3/ Improve the communications of these regions with Phnom Penh, to allow better cultural and economical exchanges with the capital.

4/ Set up policemen who defend our fellow countrymen and not policemen who obey blindly the Hanoi’s orders, as it is the case of the present moment.

It is true that with the current Vietnamese regime in Phnom Penh, steady and backed by major powers, the fight is not easy. The political, economical and cultural Independence of Cambodia in its Integrity territorial and maritime, the Democracy and the Freedom are never the gifts of the sky.

Rainsy’s actions to help Phum Daung’s villagers is the reflection of the multiform struggles always more powerful and more convergent of the Cambodians wherever they are, against the domination and the colonization of the Vietnamese settlers, against the ignorance, the disease and the misery, against the monopoly of the Vietnamese company Sokimex and the Vietnamese bank Canadia, for national Independence in our territorial and maritime Integrity, for Democracy and Freedom. Involuntarily the representative of the marionette regime Cheam Yeap confirms the popular approval of this action promoted by Rainsy.

Let us remind that Rainsy’s security is insured at least until Bush trip to Hanoi. Later on ?

We diffuse below the article on this subject, published in Cambodia Daily of May 8th, 2006.

Sam Rainsy: "SRP has not supported the supplemental [border] treaty"

At a Bonn Phka Samaki organized by the Sam Rainsy Party in the Cambodia-Vietnam Daung Village, Romeas Hek district, Svay Rieng province, Sam Rainsy, the opposition leader, declared that "villagers have lost their lands." He also said that he does not recognize the agreement reached between Hun Sen and the Vietnamese government that was later ratified by the National Assembly and signed by King Norodom Sihamoni. (Photo: SRP Head Office)
Monday, May 8, 2006
Sam Rainsy: PM's VN Deal Unacceptable
By Yun Samean

Rekindling the contentious issue of Cambodia's disputed borders with Vietnam and breathing new life into the border agreement controversy that prompted Prime Minister Hun Sen to jail several critics late last year and early this year, Sam Rainsy on Sunday said he did not recognize the prime minister's border agreement with Cambodia's neighbor.
Sam Rainsy, leader of the party that bears his name, made his comments following a Buddhist ceremony in Doung village, located in Svay Rieng province's Romeas Hek district, where several Cambodian homes are situated on undemarcated border land claimed by Vietnam and Cambodia. "I believe that villagers have lost their lands," Sam Rainsy said by telephone from Doung village.
"SRP has not supported the supplemental treaty," he said, adding that he did not recognize the agreement reached between Hun Sen and the Vietnamese government that was later ratified by the National Assembly and signed by King Norodom Sihamoni.
Sam Rainsy added that King Sihamoni had no option but to sign the treaty in December. "The King has no power" to oppose it, he said.
Senior CPP lawmaker Cheam Yeap said that Sam Rainsy's comments were made for purely political reasons.
"He wants to increase his own popularity," Cheam Yeap said.
Once the government finishes installing boundary marks between Cambodia and Vietnam in 2008, no one will complain, he added.
When he returned from negotiating the border agreement in Vietnam on Oct 12, Hun Sen threatened to sue anyone who dared to criticize the deal. Several leading activists were arrested for making comments critical of the deal, which the prime minister branded as defamatory.
Sam Rainsy, who had been out of Cambodia for more than a year, during which time he was found guilty of another instance of defaming the prime minister, returned in early February after reaching a deal with Hun Sen. m

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