samedi, décembre 09, 2006

Heng Pov in Finland

News From Cambodia N° 0656-E


Khemara Jati
Montreal, Quebec
December 7th, 2006

Finally all Cambodians and a big part of the international opinion learnt with enjoyment the arrival of Heng Pov in Finland. We express our deep gratitude to the Finnish government for having agreed to give political asylum to Heng Pov, to the government of Malaysia for refusing to send Heng Pov back to Cambodia as well as to all those, Cambodians and foreigners, who allowed the success of this operation wished by the unanimity of Cambodians around the planet.

The opinions of the UNO representatives of Human Right Protection in Cambodia like Professor Leuprecht and more recently Yash Gai show also that the international community is more and more worried by the violations more and more violent in Cambodia. On the other hand the abuses are more and more opened on the most fundamental rights of the Human Rights as the detention of innocents for the murder of the union leader Chea Vichea and the recent massacre of prisoners and the hostages at the prison of Battambang, ordered openly by the criminal multirecidivist Hok Lundy. Can the international community remain eternally silent in front of such crimes openly ordered by the regime in place ? Can the « Culture of the Impunity » last infinitely and openly ordered?

The Heng Pov affair is also a unique occasion to know finally the identities of the throwers of grenades against the demonstrators of March 30th, 1997, wounding the American Ron Abney, the murderer of Piseth Pilika, the murderer of Chea Vichea etc. and their sleeping partner. With Heng Pov revelations, we hope that at least a secret of claimed mysteries of the « Culture of the Impunity » is revealed.

But the interests of the major powers are at stake. Ron Abney knows something about this question. It was thus necessary to resort to trickery to get Heng Pov out of Southeast Asia. No any major power agrees to grant the political refugee's quality to Heng Pov. Especially since Cambodia has now important reserves in hydrocarbons. Only certain small countries having few strategic interests in our region can do it. But still it is necessary to cunning methods with the complicity of the Malaysia.

Since the time memorial, from the first hunters, the man knows that the ruse and the secret are fundamental keys of the success. 2 500 years ago, Sun Tzu is the first strategist to record it in a famous entitled treaty « The Art of War », chapter 1:

« All warfare is based on deception. » (Stance N° 16).
« Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; » (stance N° 17).
« When we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. » (Stance N°17).

Let us call back however that, in our popular tales, it is thanks to the guile that snails overcame the hare in the running journey around a pond. It is thanks to the guile that the blind and the paralytic overcame the ogre who terrorizes the village. The Thun Chey's guiles are also always in the memory of all Cambodians.

In the case of Heng Pov, it is a question of life or death of Hok Lundy-Hun Sen's clan : to preserve the power. We saw that Hun Sen had come specially deliberately in France just for trying to keep Sylvaine Pasquier and L'Express silent about Heng Pov affair. For the regime in Phnom Penh, it is necessary to prevent at all costs Heng Pov from leaving Malaysia. The Vietnamese secret service thus sends to Malaysia, a troup of army of its best agents for this purpose. On the other hand we know that major powers also have no interest to change the Hok Lundy-Hun Sen's clan from the power in Cambodia. The American Ron Abney learns from his expenses.

On the other hand, to oblige Heng Pov to return to Cambodia is against any international morality, means it is against the assistance right of a person in danger. It is thus necessary to find a government which would agree to grant the asylum's right to Heng Pov, and make Heng Pov leaving discreetly of Malaysia. It was thus necessary to make diversion to deceive the Vietnamese secret agents's surveillance. Thus the choice proceeds to Canada, country which refused to participate in the war of Iraq with the United States. It was necessary to make the maximum of noise with the maximum of credibility. Do not we attend the siege of the Canadian embassy in Malaysia by the journalists? During this time Heng Pov took discreetly the plane for Helsinki.

All this happens while Hun Sen is in Dalat in Vietnam to build in the facts the Indo-Chinese Federation under the vietnamese domination. In this purpose the Cambodian provinces of the Northeast and the Laotian provinces of the South will serve as back country for the vietnamese port of Nha Trang. A hotel of big luxury for billionaires is already built at Nha Trang and hotels managed by Vietnamese already took place in Kratie and Stung Treng in Cambodia. Japan takes care of the financial support of those works. The vietnamese companies build highways West-East, of Cambodia towards the Vietnamese ports. The vietnamese companies are building hydroelectric dams and electric factories on Cambodian territory. These electric factories will be exploited by the Vietnamese who will sell the electricity to Cambodians. It is only the beginning. Already in Laos, the young Laotians are obliged to learn the vietnamese language since the maternal. Later they will study in vietnamese in universities. It will be the case in Cambodia, if we have no project to use the Cambodian language in our universities and to accelerate the translation in Cambodian the fundamental works of the world, in particular philosophic and scientific culture.

So, Cambodians wish and hope that Heng Pov affair contributes to raise a corner of the lead screed which covers massacres and crimes of the « Culture of the Impunity ». Necessary condition to introduce a little of morality in the Cambodian society.

In conclusion, we are again expressing our profound gratitude to the authorities of Malaysia, Finland, to the organizations and the personalities (who helped discreetly), as well as to the national and international opinion who allowed the success of Heng Pov’s journey in Finland.

Note : Cet article est aussi disponible en français sur demande.