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Massive Invasion of the Vietnamese Settlers

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CAMBODIA : Massive Invasion Of The Vietnamese Settlers

Khemara Jati
Montreal, Quebec
December 15th, 2007

We publish below the position of the SRP regarding the massive presence of the Vietnamese settlers in Cambodia, according to a recent statement published by the Party of the same name and François Ponchaud's eyewitness in his “Report of Mission in Cambodia”, from 16 to 27 September 1990.

To read François Ponchaud's report, it is necessary to know that this latest is French and Vatican catholic priest. It is also important to focus this journey in the following context:

§ November 9th, 1989: fall of the Berlin Wall, the prelude of the USSR's dislocation.
§ July 18th, 1990: In his way of returning from Moscow, the US State Secretary James Baker, for having noticed with conviction of the imminent dislocation of the USSR, just after getting out of the plane, he declares: « The United-States of America withdrew support from Cambodia guerilla coalition ».
§ September 5th, 1990: The US State Secretary James Baker announces that the United States will discuss henceforth directly with Hun Sen. Hanoi applauds this American decision.

It is also necessary to remind that Japan had already engaged its relation with Hanoi since February 8th, 1972, which is about a month before the historic handshaking between Mao and Nixon in Beijing on February 21st, 1972, while China was in plenty Cultural Revolution. Also let us remind that this handshaking was headed by secret negotiations between the USA and China, through France since 1970 (We produce the report on these negotiations after this article). The mission of Ponchaud was thus organized about a week following the direct relations between the USA and Hun Sen’s announcement.

Khemara Jati would prefer, in these conditions, to raise to the SRP and its members the following questions:

1) Now the city of Siem Reap and a big part of our western provinces use the electricity provided from Thailand. So our western provinces are already dependent on Thailand in electrical energy. Does not Thailand already have an enormous means of making pressure on Cambodia? A country depending in electrical energy of a foreign country, can it be independent? Is there any developed country in the world be political independents in that condition?

2) The World Bank declares financing the electric line's construction with high tension from Vietnam to feed electricity in our provinces of the Northeast and the East. In these conditions can Cambodia be independent from Vietnam?

3) Vietnam is going to build two hydroelectric powers in our provinces of the Northeast. Is not it another unbearable dependence vis-à-vis of our Eastern neighbor?

4) Japan is helping Vietnam to build highways connecting our provinces of the Northeast with the East vietnamese port to sell our wealth of this region by a Vietnamese port. Is it in the Cambodian national interests?

5) The USA intends to build a highway with three ways in each direction between Prey Nokor and Phnom Penh, while we need such a highway between Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. Why this new facility granted to the vietnamese settlers to come even more numerous into Cambodia?

6) The development Centers build on our borders. The good roads are build of these Centers towards our neighbors but only the bad roads of these Centers towards Phnom Penh. Are these Centers going to use Cambodians as administrators, engineers and technicians? The productions of these Centers are they going to develop our port of Sihanoukville or on the contrary they are not going to enrich the ports of Prey Nokor and Bangkok? With the using of massive Vietnamese and Thai as administrators, engineers and technicians?

7) Are all these constructions be build with engineers, technicians and the others who are none of them are not Cambodian at all? Does it explain that 300 000 graduated Cambodian are always living under unemployed?

The following are :

a) SRP’s position on massive illegal vietnamese settlers.
b) Le « Compte rendu de Mission au Cambodge, du 16 au 27 septembre 1990 » in the next posting
c) Rapport sur les négociations secrètes entre les USA et la Chine de 1970 à 1972, in the next posting.

SRP Exposes CPP, Ranariddh, Yu Hokkri in Illegal Vietnamese Immigrants Deal

SEP20071212045001 Phnom Penh khmernews WWW-Text in Cambodian 11 Dec 07
[Report by Roat Visal]

The Cambodian National Assembly passed the Immigration Law in 2001. However, not only has the Hun Sen government failed to enforce this law but it has tried to cover up the presence of illegal Vietnamese immigrants by allowing them to live in the country and helping these millions of Hun Sen's Vietnamese brothers and sisters to fill forms and documents. Besides receiving documents making them Cambodian citizens, millions of illegal Vietnamese immigrants also have been issued voter cards that allow them to vote for the Cambodian People's Party [CPP] officials, especially for Hun Sen, Heng Samrin, and Chea Sim, so that they would continue to wield power for a long time and keep repaying Vietnam for the service it rendered them.

The CPP officials are not the only ones to have legitimized the immigration of the Vietnamese all over the country, the FUNCINPEC [National United Front for an Independent, Neutral, and Peaceful Cambodia] Party when Prince Ranariddh was its historical president also connived with the CPP in forcefully helping these illegal Vietnamese immigrants. For instance, former Minister of Interior Yu Hokkri co-signed with Sar Kheng, the then co-minister of interior, an order in April 2003 permitting the illegal Vietnamese spearheaded by an army of prostitutes to establish associations in 19 provinces and cities throughout the country.

Now, Yu Hokkri, secretary-general of the Norodom Ranariddh Party [NRP], and Prince Ranariddh are making great noise about their so-called campaign to oppose the illegal immigrants. The Cambodian public understands that this vociferation is just a maneuver or a dark scheme of dishonest politicians in the NRP.

The Sam Rainsy Party [SRP] counts the enforcement of the Immigration Law among the 10 measures set for the SRP government. This measure is that the SRP government will thoroughly and effectively enforce this law as of 2008 because to let the illegal Vietnamese immigrants live in full anarchy throughout the country like this constitutes a most impertinent violation of Cambodia's sovereignty, and the presence of these illegal Vietnamese is also a demographic war to implement the Vietnamization of Cambodia. The most serious danger to the survival of the Cambodian nation and people is if the present ruling CPP continues to rule the country.

Hun Sen, Heng Samrin, and Chea Sim of the CPP are taking care of the millions of illegal Vietnamese in Cambodia because Vietnam has installed them in power through the 7 January 1979 Vietnamese aggression against Cambodia. Another reason is that these millions of Vietnamese constitute an important force that has voted for the group of Vietnamese lackeys in Phnom Penh so that they can keep on wielding power and controlling Cambodia on behalf of Vietnam according to the late Ho Chi Minh's Indochinese Federation policy, which is to make Cambodia a Vietnamese province in the future just as the Vietnamese ancestors annexed Champa and Kampuchea Krom in the past. If the CPP leaders, especially Hun Sen, Heng Samrin, and Chea Sim do not protect and take care of the illegal Vietnamese their political and non-political lives would not be pleasant, especially vis-୶is their Vietnamese bosses because history showed many times before that any Vietnamese pawns who did not obey Hanoi's orders never escaped punishment. For this reason, it can be said that the CPP leaders have inextricably bogged themselves down in the policy of perpetual servitude toward the Vietnamese.

Let alone the CPP, particularly the three Governors General (the three Samdech), who cannot free themselves from the steel dragnet of the Vietnamese, but Yu Hokkri and Prince Ranariddh also sided with the CPP in legitimizing the Vietnamese immigrants.

When FUNCINPEC was still a resistance movement, it had three main principles: to drive out the foreign bandits and their lackeys, to fight corruption, and to defend territorial integrity. These three principles, however, have been completely trampled underfoot by the FUNCINPEC leaders after FUNCINPEC joined the coalition government with the group of former Khmer Rouge servants of Vietnam, namely, the CPP since 1993. Prince Ranariddh himself when he was first prime minister in the first term and speaker of the National Assembly in the second term and the first half of the third term was intoxicated by power. He consented to give up the supreme principles of the FUNCINPEC Party and connived with the CPP in blindly serving the policy of Vietnam. Prince Ranariddh and Yu Hokkri not only trampled on the three principles, their satellite party even helped to legalize the CPP's signing of the supplemental treaty, which cut off Cambodia's land, waters, vales, and mounts and effortlessly handed them to Vietnam.

Now that his luck ran out, Prince Ranariddh lost all his positions of power and was forced to flee abroad, leaving behind wife and children, daring not to return to the country. Likewise, Yu Hokkri has been expelled from the FUNCINPEC Party and is left wondering what would soon happen to him next. These persons now feign patriotism by raising a ruckus about the Vietnamese immigrants, the border problem, and corruption.

The opposition party officials and the Cambodian people say that Samdech Krom Preah [Ranariddh] and his sycophants are the ones who have betrayed the principles, who are corrupt, who have stomped on democracy and territorial integrity, who sold national independence to foreign countries, and who have bowed their heads to become the lackeys of the Vietnamese puppets. For this reason, the people say that the vociferation by Prince Ranariddh and Yu Hokkri about fighting corruption and resolving the Vietnamese immigrants issue is just a plaintive whimpering of the men before they fall out of the political arena. Theirs is not a rallying cry for the salvation of the nation and people.

Those who would really save the country and the people from Vietnam's colonialist yoke once and for all are the democrats led by the SRP. One point in the SRP's 10-point program for the SRP government to implement after 2008 deals with enforcing the Immigration Law. The SRP government will surely be effective in enforcing this Immigration Law because the SRP does not owe Vietnam anything, unlike the CPP officials. The SRP is indebted toward only the Cambodian nation and people. For this reason, the SRP is doing everything despite countless big and small obstacles erected by the Vietnamese lackeys in the cause of the nation and people.

The Vietnamese lackeys are aware that their group's dishonest policy of keeping millions of illegal Vietnamese immigrants in Cambodia is not good for the masters of the country. But they still try with difficulty because they have no other choices since their bosses have deployed experts and agents all around them who keep an eye on them everyday. If they dare to let any secret leak out that they want to deviate just a little bid from the line traced by Vietnam, they would share the fate of former Prime Minister Chan Si.

Contrary to the CPP, the SRP owes Vietnam nothing, not even a cent. Therefore, the duty of the SRP is to salvage Cambodia and free it from the Vietnamese yoke of slavery, turn this country into a fully independent country, liberate the people from bondage brought on by the power of the dishonest politicians among the CPP leaders, and turn them into true masters of an independent, sovereign, and self-determining country, thus once and for all wiping away the domination influence of the aggressor Vietnamese bandits.

Brief, this is not the time for Prince Ranariddh and Yu Hokkri to do the shouting, yelling, vociferating to extol their skin-deep theory of patriotism when their group is already half buried in the ground. Prince Ranariddh and his group are making noise before they are gone for good and, thereby, what they are shouting is useless. The party that can liberate Cambodia from a dictatorial regime, corruption, and servitude toward Vietnam, the party that can really effectively enforce the Immigration Law is none other than the SRP.