samedi, mai 20, 2006

How the marionette regime rules Cambodia (suite)

News from Cambodia N° 0624-E


Khemara Jati
Montréal, Québec
Le 18 mai 2006

Below is an article of Cambodge Soir of May 17th, 2006, entitled « Le ministère de l’Agriculture s’oppose à une société vietnamienne - The Ministry of Agriculture opposes to a Vietnamese company ». (unofficial translation by Khemara Jati)

This article shows that even an ordinary vietnamese company dares not to take into account orders of the representatives of the State of Cambodia. Not only the representatives of this company did not deign to come to the summons of the Cambodian Court of Justice, but declares that « they were in connection with a high-ranking servant in Phnom Penh and that they are accountable only to him »! So, for this Vietnamese company, the current regime is reduced to a single person whom he did not name! Did our province of Ratanakiri already become vietnamese province? Does the Minister of Agriculture has the power to chase away this Vietnamese company of our lands?

This fact comes to confirm that on our eastern borders, our lands are not already considered as vietnamese lands?

What the swaggerer and the marionette Hun Sen has to say about it? Why this silence? What means this silence? Is it the consequence of this famous «Triangular Project » or the other « quadrangular Project » ? When it will be « Pentagulaire Projet »? Does the marionette and criminal Hun Sen know how to count more than four?

Affair to be followed …

Cambodge Soir
Mercredi 17 mai 2006
(Unofficial translation by Khemara Jati)

The Minister of the Agriculture opposes to a vietnamese company

The representatives of the committee of issue the title deeds for the hevea plantations made few days ago, in person, in the province of Ratanakiri to oppose to the activities of clearing of a field made by a vietnamse company.

The leader of the Committee and the Under Secretary of State of the Agriculture, Uk Sokhon, explains that this company had no license to enclose three hectares of heveas as it claims to implant a factory there. « The company asserts having bought this plot of land from inhabitants. On the spot, 79 heveas was cut. We forbade to continue, but it refuses to listen to our civil servants », curses Uk Sokhon, who announces to boot a procedure of the ministry to block this factory project.

According to this responsible, the property of this plantation returns to the local company Tay Seng, which has a lease of 70 years and pays the rent of the land as well as the State taxes of export. By the request of the Ministry of Agriculture, Tay Seng complain to justice and asks 40 000 dollars for compensations to the vietnamienne company Hang Thang for having injured his property.

« Although convened twice to the Court, the responsibles of Hang Thang never appeared », clarifies Uk Sokhon. The governor of Ratanakiri, Muong Poy, reports that numerous cases of wild clearings of heveas aiming to monopolize the space occur, but this activity tends to slow down further to the ministry intervention.

According to Hem Sophal, member of the Committee, the company suspended its activities further his visit. « But the responsibles said to us that they were in connection with a high-ranking servant in Phnom Penh and that they are accountable only to him, he clarifies. From then we intend to follow the judicial way. » The responsibles for Hang Thang were not able to be joined yesterday.

Duong Sokha

Note : This article is available into french upon request.