samedi, août 26, 2006

Heng Pov's Case - Suite

News from Cambodia N° 0635E


Khemara Jati
Montreal, Québec
Le 26 Août 2006

Heng Pov's revelations come to confirm what Cambodians already knew since for a long time. In our previous article, we excerpt article of The Cambodia Daily of August 10th, 2006 which brings Cambodian's opinions on this affair. Heng Pov reveals only details and names. It is also necessary to note that Heng Pov does not say all he knows. It is normal.

But the most mattering is that this affair fascinates our fellow countrymen in Cambodia and abroad as well. Newspapers in cambodian language publishing Heng Pov's affair have doubled their sale and even more some until multiply tenfold. Naturally these newspapers translated and diffused into cambodian of Heng Pov's interview made by Sylvaine Pasquier in L'Express of August 17th, 2006, entitled: « Cambodge. Les basses oeuvres de Hun Sen - Cambodia. The Hun Sen dirty manoeuvres » and « Heng Pov Statement ».

This unanimous position of Cambodians comes to confirm unquestionably the hatred of our fellow countrymen regarding the dictatorship, the crimes, the drug traffickings and the shameless corruption amounting to hundreds of millions of US of the clan Hok Lundy - Hun Sen.

How the secret services of great powers as those of Japan, the United States, France and China can ignore these crimes? Of course Heng Pov is not a saint person. But what he reveals is a big part of the reality of facts known by all Cambodian and spread over the world. All the police of the world always use “penitents” to collect important information which takes place inside mafias and other criminal spheres. Why major powers do not take advantage of this occasion to use Heng Pov's allegations to put an end the « Culture of Impunity » in Cambodia ? By not doing that is it not an implicit confession that it is these major powers which make this « Culture of Impunity » continuing on Cambodian people ?

This « Culture of Impunity » which denounces William Shawcross since 1979, in his book well known internationally: « Sideshow »[1] and translate into French under the title « Une Tragédie sans importante »[2]; followed by the another book of the same author « The Quality of Mercy » translated into French under the title « Le Poids de la Pitié »[3]?

Now Cambodian has to take advantage of this occasion to point out implicitly the major powers complicity in the unlimited continuation of this « Culture of the Impunity ». Now this complicity is spread over in broad daylight, these major powers can continue until when pretending to ignore the massacres, the crimes, the drug trafficking and the wild corruption of the clan Hok Lundy - Hun Sen? While these massacres, these crimes, these traffics and these wild corruptions are now denounced openly by Heng Pov, with precision of a well informed man because he is himself inside the power circle?

Why do not try at least to verify Heng Pov's allegations and interrogate the criminals quoted by Heng Pov? Is not that the current regime has just confirmed indirectly the truthfulness of Heng Pov's revelations by the voice the Minister of Information Khieu Kanharith, who declared in Phnom Penh Post of August 25th 2006 (title of the article: « Heng Pov’s talk of high crimes « negates claim to asylum » » : « If Heng Pov says he knows about crimes within the government it means he is an accomplice to these crimes » ?

So Khieu Kanharith, instead of replying Heng Pov’s allegations accordingly, as requires the national and international opinion, does not he admit implicitly that these allegations are exact and true ? So the regime at bay has not just walked on its feet trying to impose Heng Pov to return in the claws of Hok Lundy's henchmen ?

Then Cambodian people, by her unanimity, are not they obliging major powers to think more seriously about this Heng Pov's affair? Singapore was already responsible for « failure to render assistance for a person in danger of death in the murder of Ho Sok ». Does the government of Singapore is going to be again responsible for « failure to render assistance for a person in danger of death » in this new case of Heng Pov ?

This time the government of Singapore is not the only one responsible for « failure to render assistance of person in danger of death ». Can the whole major power escape from carrying also its responsibility?

So this « Heng Pov's case » is an immense force for Cambodians, where ever they are, and in her unanimity, to impose on major powers to respect our will. Cambodians do not want to live any more under this kind of « Quality of Mercy » imposed by major powers since 1991. This « Quality of Mercy » which is really translated to « Quality of Mockery » and which becomes during the years more and more unbearable and impossible to support by Cambodian in a whole.

Is not it of contempt in supporting the Vietnamese to come and settle openly as master in Cambodia, monopolizing our lands and a third of our continental shelf, massacring many times our people and killing all those who dare to oppose to them, plundering our agricultural natural resources as rice and rubber, grabbing our land, sharing our wealth in hydrocarbons of our continental shelf with Thailand and now a project of plundering openly our wealth in petroleum on our continent ? Forcing Cambodian people to continue to live in ignorance, disease and misery? Is not it the scorn ?

The anger of the unanimous Cambodian people rise more and more in power. Some foreigners among whom the religious one do not they say that it would be needed maybe a revolution to put and end this « Culture of Impunity » in Cambodia conducting by Vietnam and until now supporting by major powers?

Note : Cet article est disponible en français sur demande.

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