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Heng Pov - The Man Persued By Phnom Penh - L'Express

News From Cambodia N° 0637-E


September 5, 2006
by Sylvaine Pasquier,
Unofficial translation from original article in french by Khemara Jati

For having broken the oath of secrecy on the political murders in Cambodia and the corruption of the regime, Heng Pov, former Prime Minister Hun Sen adviser, is the man most pursued by the regime today.

Arrested in Singapore at night from August 31st to September 1st, after his visa expired, Heng Pov was forced to leave immediately the territory. And it in spite of the international rules of protection from which he should benefit as applicant of asylum waiting of status with the United Nations Height Commissioner for Refugees. The police also arrested a foreign citizen in regular situation, with only motive of his relations with Heng Pov. He was interrogated and put under bolts without water nor food during two days before being expelled.

First euphoric, the officials of Phnom Penh quickly became disenchanted. There is no any extradition treaty between Cambodia and Singapore. Besides, the authorities of the town-State seem especially avid to get rid of this affair. On behalf of medical treatment, Hok Lundy, leader of the national police force of the kingdom, went last month to Singapore, where he maintains contacts. Without any result.

Heng Pov is at the moment in a third country, where his security remains precarious. Contrary to a Cambodian paper's allegations, he denies having tempted or authorized the slightest deal with the government, to drop off the charges which he is the object for exchange of his silence. Proof that certain panic administration at the top, L'Express learnt, on September 3rd, from credible source in Phnom Penh, that one of the grenades throwers against a peaceful demonstration of the opposition, on March 30th 1997, had been led by the authorities towards an unknown destination. In 2003, this officer of Hun Sen bodyguard had admitted his act to Heng Pov that he carried it out on order. It is about Phan Sary, today general. Would the regime try to remove the performers, who could testify of its crimes? Getting injured during this attempt, Ron Abney, American citizen, addressed to FBI in mid-August, asking it to reopen the investigations in the light of Heng Pov’s allegations.

Published by Khemara Jati
Montreal, Quebec
September 5th, 2006