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Wishes of New Year 2007

News From Cambodia N° 0666-E


Khemara Jati
Montréal, Québec
December 31th, 2006

December 25th, 2006 was the 28th anniversary of the vietnamese invasion, since December 25th, 1978. Thirteen years later, December 21st, 1991, two months after the signature of the Paris Agreements, the first peaceful urban Cambodian demonstrations started against the power settled by Hanoi. People and students are part of it. The third day, on December 23rd, 1991 these peaceful demonstrations are flooded in the blood by vietnamese soldiery under the eyes of diplomats and western media. The vietnamese police Dacon fired at point-blank range at the children, the old and the least old, men and women. The family of the victims is summoned to keep silent. A father who wanted to look for the last time at the face of his son killed by the police, was shoots down. The UNO was obliged to appoint hastily in January 9th, 1992, the Japanese Yasushi Akashi to start UNTAC. Because Japan is obliged to pay out more than 2 billions of US dollars for this most expensive UNO operation. Let us call back however that it was the UNTAC soldiers who brought AIDS in Cambodia then quickly spread by the vietnamese prostitutes. Nowadays all about the same men installed by Hanoi are always in the power.

In this threshold of new year 2007, 29th year of the vietnamese communists domination, our thoughts go towards families and children who are obliged to fetch in the domestic garbage's unloading looking for cans, boxes and other saleable objects for few Riels; towards the families who are obliged to sell their children to survive; towards the children who are obliged to sell their body to survive; towards Cambodians' families, expropriated and thrown to the street arbitrarily and who are going to add the number to the underprivileged peoples whom we have just quoted.

There is about 200 000 a year, of Cambodians who died from the ignorance, from the disease and from the misery; according to Rainsy. Cambodia is the highest percentage of the region for the women died of confinement and the infant mortality. The life expectation is the lowest of Asia.

Our thoughts also go to the families of our fellow countrymen who are massacred or killed arbitrarily or for political reasons and who are obliged to keep silent; to those who are arbitrarily imprisoned and to their families and to the families of the victims who are obliged to emigrate in order to escape from the prison or the death.

At the beginning of the New Year 2007, it is the custom to raise the landmarks of the previous year.

§ Cambodians in Cambodia is unanimous to notice that Cambodia always lives under the vietnamese law and Vietnam is moving their borders more and more profoundly into our lands. Landmark borders even new are not immovable. The police and the civil servants are obliged to keep silent or moved away. Our inhabitants on the borders are obliged to move back or to adopt the vietnamese nationality. On our borders, the vietnamese side is prosperous and miserable on the Cambodian side, with communications in very bad conditions. The new factories build on our lands will be fed with energy electricity and gaz from Vietnam. The engineers and the technicians will be all Vietnamese. The products will be exported as made in Vietnam by the port of Saigon. As already on average over million tons of Cambodian rice. Vietnam sells to Cambodia the crack of rice at the good price.

§ 2006 saw an increasing number of Cambodians abroad agree and unite with our fellow countrymen in Cambodia. There is now unanimity to say openly that the main danger of our country in the future is that Cambodia is becoming gradually a vietnamese province. It is an awareness of the first importance.

§ In 2006 our fellow countrymen abroad analyzes the situation of our country by taking into consideration geostrategic interests of the countries who say to help us, as the helps of major powers.

2006 also saw the appearance of the most important first weapons of struggle for the perennity and perpetuity of Cambodian nation.

The most important and the most fundamental struggle which is substantial is consisting to gather and to unite the people :

§ Regarding the cultural and linguistic by the development of the written language in the education from maternal to universities and at the sharpest research laboratories. Educated people never accept a durable foreign domination. People can be educated only in the mother's language. It is curious to notice that our brothers and sisters in Thailand and in Vietnam fight in a very difficult conditions to preserve their language and their culture; to notice that Cambodians, especially abroad accept gaily these fundamental bases of our national cultural identity.

§ In the social and economic point of view by the development of enterprises with cambodian capital or with foreign capital using the Cambodian competence in executives, engineers and technicians of all levels. All these in an objective to develop the economy for the prosperity of the whole people.

§ In the territorial point of view by the construction of asphalted roads and well maintained connecting our cities and villages with the capital. It is necessary that the whole Cambodia becomes the back country of our Kompong Som port. So that our archaeological and other wealth are mainly running from Cambodia. To build factories on our borders without improving the communications towards our port of Kompong Som is to offer our wealth and our lands to our neighbours on a golden tray.

§ In Cambodia, our fellow countrymen know by experience to distinguish the foreign helps and from major powers, those useful and helps in their daily life and to develop the country, of those who help mainly the vietnamese domination, as the roads and the highways towards Vietnam by abandoning the Cambodia internal roads of communication.

On these three imperatives, 2006 saw important realizations:

§ 2006 saw a net awareness of the fundamental importance of the education in general and in particular the education in national language. Certainly there are still rivalries to teach English, either French or Chinese to become the main language at the university. This fact explains that there is a very small number of Cambodians formed in Cambodia having high-level knowledge. This fact is a plan by Hanoi to vietnamise Cambodia and to continue to dominate our country in the future: maintain the Cambodian people in the ignorance as long as possible. In spite of the striking inferiority of our school and university systems with our neighbours, our fellow countrymen manage to remedy to a certain extent this handicap imposed by the regime controlled by Hanoi. At the end of the year 2005, during the Scientific Olympiad organized in Indonesia, Cambodia sent 6 candidates. Six are outdone. One of them obtained the golden medal. Neither Thailand nor Vietnam obtained such a medal. In spite of their weak salary, the majority of professors and teachers have aware of their duty and often give free particular lessons to the best student. On the other hand with the distribution of books, there are more and more self-taught who succeed as the prize-winners of the Olympiads in Indonesia.

§ More and more numerous enterprises are steered by Cambodians. There is cooperation between Cambodians abroad and Cambodians formed on the spot in the enterprises with foreign capital. The Cambodian engineers, technicians at all levels can compete effectively with their Vietnamese or foreign homologues. Moreover many companies look for Cambodian engineers and technicians at all levels, because more in sync with the people. Of course the struggle against the exaggerated monopolies of the vietnamese company Sokimex and the vietnamese bank Canadia is still far from being gained. The struggle is certainly still hard and long, but the road of liberation is now becoming clearer than before.

§ Now it is possible for our fellow countrymen to use the Cambodian language in internet as to write emails for example. On the other hand Google offers a search engine in our language. We wish that Google puts on-line all books in Cambodian as well as documents in French and in English on our history, in particular books and articles of Bernard Philippe Groslier. There are also keyboards in Cambodian. A little more time is needed so that this possibility is generalized.

§ Foreign helps allow us to build roads and bridges to improve the communications inside our country. Our railroads will be modernized. China builds a big hydroelectric dam at Kamchay with 90 % of Cambodian staff. Cambodia is going to have a lot of oil and gas. Everybody knows that the energy is the base of any economic development. Then why delay of building an oil refinery in Cambodia and electric factories by using our petroleum and gas? Is it not a means to keep Cambodia depending more on vietnamese gasoline imported by the vietnamese company which has it monopoly on that ? Is it not a means to feed our border provinces with our electricity ? Is it not a means to lower the energy’s price in our country ? Are we going to undergo the petroleum curse as in Nigeria or Angola ? Why contracts for our wealth's exploitation in hydrocarbons always remain secret ?

§ Our fellow countrymen abroad analyzes the situation of our country by taking into account geostrategic interests of those who say to help us, as the helps of major powers. The question is to know: are the Chinese helps quite bad and the American, quite good ? Or conversely ? The answer is in the criteria on which based the answer. Our fellow countrymen in Cambodia can notice it in the practice. But abroad ?

§ In these multiform struggles against Ignorance, Disease and Misery, Cambodians gained quite a lot of success. There is now cohesion in the cambodian society thanks to the acceleration of the national identity unity based on the development of our written language and in the common struggle to develop our national economy.

Of course the Cambodian's efforts are fundamental, but it is necessary to underline the contributions of the foreign personalities who helped us more than voluntarily by dedicating their life, their talent and their personal wealth to help Cambodians in the domains of their competence. We quote only two:

§ Beat Richner, paediatrician doctor and Swiss cellist, who has just inaugurated his fourth Kantha Bopha hospital. These Hospitals are built, with the helps of some foreign experts, almost totally by Cambodians, architects, enterprises, engineers, technicians and workers. These Hospitals are managed by a staff hundred percent Cambodian administration and medical and technical staff in any kind. Only the deputy director is French, replacing him while he is busy. These Hospitals is free for the Cambodian children's care of all conditions, without the slightest favoritism. Now there are other hospitals for free care also.

§ Ingrid Muan, an American of Swedish origin, died in mysterious conditions in April, 2005. She made a very important contribution to develop our culture generally and in the written culture in particular by managing to obtain subsidies of the important foundations like “Albert Kunstader Family”, “Japan Foundation Asia Center”, “Rockefeller Foundation” and “Toyota Foundation”, to create with her friend Ly Daravuth the cultural group “Reyum”? Thanks to her approaches and methods that Cambodia possesses now modern printing offices with a technical staff to manage and maintain them.

§ Now books, newspapers, magazines etc. in national language develops quickly and run out in the market very well. The booksellers - publishers well earn their life. This fact allows our schools and lycées to be equipped with libraries step by step.

Our Wishes For New Year 2007

At the beginning of this new year 2007, team of Khemara Jati, wishes our friends, our readers and all our fellow countrymen in Cambodia as all around the world a Happy New Year: Health, Happiness and Success in all fields; that our fellow Countrymen in Cambodia and all around the world strengthens their unity of fight in the multiform struggles more and more united together against the ignorance, the disease and the poverty, against the exorbitant monopoly of the vietnamese enterprise Sokimex and the vietnamese Canadia bank, for the National Independence in our Territorial and Maritime Integrity, for the Development of our Cultural, Linguistic Unity, for the Economic development for the whole people, for Democracy and for Freedom.

We wish that our fellow countrymen become aware of the importance of the history, the fundamental inheritance of our ancestors which is necessary to know how to decipher. Because so far our history is mainly written by foreigners.

« Is not the ignorance of the own past, means a big part of oneself, become more and more alienator ? All the troubles which strike Africa today, as well as all the chances happening there, result from uncountable forces propelled by the History. And as well as the evolution of a disease's reconstruction is the first stage of a rational of diagnostic and a therapeutic realization, also the first task of global analysis of this continent is historic. Unless opting for the unconsciousness and of alienation, we would not know how to live without memory, nor with the memory of others. The History is nothing else but the memory of the peoples. » Ki Zerbo, in « Histoire Générale de l’Afrique », Ed Unesco, Paris 1980, 1984, tome I, p. 23. Ki Zerbo left the world on december 4th, 2006.

Now the History of Cambodia is mainly written by foreigners, based on legends, hypotheses and practically without any economic fact. Only Bernard Philippe Groslier, before his premature death, projected to write a History of Cambodia from the prehistory until our days, based on the archaeology, the economy and according to inquiries since the civilizations from the Mediterranean Sea to China by way of India, Ceylon, Burma, Siam and China. It is desirable that our historians look over the angkorian civilization in Siam during Ayuthia era and since the Portuguese's arrival to Malacca in 1511. From that period a history of Southeast Asia and East Asia is changed by the European's intervention.

We wish that a group of Cambodians seriously interested in our history, quickly forms to write at least partially our history freed of the legends and the hypotheses without serious verifications.

Team of Khemara Jati
December 31th, 2006

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