mercredi, novembre 28, 2007

The National Independence

News from Cambodia

The National Independence is the fundamental AND UNIQUE GOAL of all Cambodians wherever they are

Khemara Jati
Montreal, Quebec
September 21, 2007

1/. In Burma (Myanmar), the monks have the right to demonstrate freely by hundreds. Why not in Cambodia ? Which regime is it the most democratic? More Burma is independent and any foreigner dares to come plundering its resources. Burma depends on no foreign help. The territorial and maritime integrity of Burma is complete and no any power dares to dispute it.

In Cambodia, during colonial period, in the 1940s, in 1942, a scholar in Buddhist theology, Achar Hem Chiev puts into practice scrupulously Buddha's rules. He quickly becomes very popular even among prisoners. Achar Hem Chiev preaches the tolerance and the harmony between Cambodians even in yales. More or less consciously, he leads a policy of unity and nonviolence between Cambodians. Becoming very popular, Achar Hem Chiev is considered as dangerous element by the colonial regime. On July 19th, 1942, several Achars among the most erudite is arrested, defrocked and imprisoned. The next day, on July 20th several hundreds monks show up in front of the Resident Superior offices. In the evening, several other personalities are imprisoned among whom Pach Choeun and Boun Chan Mol. Many Achars and staffs of the newspaper Nokorvat (or Nagaravata, according to the ways of reading) among whom Achar Hem Chiev, Pach Choeun and Boun Chan Mol are sent to the penal colony of Poulo Condor of sinister reputation. Mol writes a famous book “Kouk Nyaubay” describing in detail all these events and the life in Poulo Condor. According to Mol, Achar Hem Chiev died of exhaustion for following strictly literally Buddha's rules, in particular to fast in the afternoon, in the evening and at night. Achar Hem Chiev never been in connection with the Vietnamese communists. Even though nothing can prevent Hanoi from using his name to try to show its respect for the Cambodian religion.

Also let us remind that the monk who had sacrificed himself by the fire during the American war in Vietnam, was a Cambodian monk of the Kampuchea Krom.

Nowadays, the erudite and popular monks are simply murdered as it is the case of the very popular and Respectable Sam Bounthoeun killed at point-blank range in front of Linka pagoda on February 6th, 2003. The murderer was never worried.

Since 1979, in Cambodia, the leaders of bigwigs are politicians who ignore what is the Buddhism. Everybody knows it. The Vietnamese communists bury completely any Achar Hem Chiev's recollection. It will be the same of all those who, at present, agree to put themselves docilely in the orders of Hanoi.

Recently some monks of Kampuchea Krom come to demonstrate in Phnom Penh in spite of the threats. One of them, the Respectable Tim Sakhorn was arrested in Cambodia, defrocked by force and sent to a vietnamese prison. Is the current regime settled by Vietnam since 1979 independent ?

2/. An elementary school to teach the children in Cambodian language has just opened its doors in the province of Surin. So our national language is gaining ground. In Kampuchea Krom our brothers also are fighting against the totalitarian regime of Hanoi to conquer the most elementary rights to be able to save their cultural and religious identity.

3/. In Phnom Penh, a dictionary of the national language has just published and appeared in bookshops. The dictionary of Chuon Nath with many new words. The second edition is soon going to print out with other new words. So, with modest means, our fellow countrymen in Cambodia dash into the battle to protect and develop our culture and our language. Our ancestors know perfectly that « Aksar Rolouth, Cheat Roleay ».

Khemara Jati